What would more MP mean to you ?

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will there be a diffrent ?

Hi There everyone , I´m new to this forum
Even thou ive been reeding it quite often, usuly when Im
up to buy a new camera ( and I just bought an new x-100 from ebay))
Anyway, this thread made me register, because Im one of them.
or rather in me there is one saying " get a full frame with lots of MPs. then you can crop like hell ".................... : )
Yes Im an happy amature that buy cameras , without even know how to handle
one of them :-o........ And of course there is one guy in me , saying, start at least to realy learn one of them before you go ahead, ...guess he´s sensible,
but a bit boaring
I like to fiddle with pictures, mostly and more and more only in lightroom instead of photoshop Guess my aproach to photo and images is more like a painter than to make "perfect photos"...what ever that means...

ahhhh Sorry!..... To make this short. What some of you allready pointed out
The Crop factor ... will there be a HUGE diffrent in details croping out a small area
and blow it up.. between a 16mp on an aps-c and a 36mp on a FF
( ofcourse, on a picture without shakes )
Lenses are expensive , So with a FF with lots of MP and one very good lens
of say 35 mm Would I be able to shoot like a 16MP with lots of lenses ??

Am I totally Stupid ???...........

Anyhow I love this place and all the diffrent forums
and I admire all your knowledge

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