Yes, Sigma please give technical information

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Re: Yes, Sigma please give technical information

Earthrise wrote:

dr.noise wrote:

yvind Strm wrote:

In this thread:

Roland requests Sigma to public some technical information related to the new sensor. For some strange reason the thread has been locked.

What do you guys think, should Sigma be more open in their technocal descriptions?

I have all the info I need. 4:1:1 sensor, enough to make some conclusions. Sigma says it'll be ok, so I'm ok with that. I think it'll be ok, too.

I need other info about the camera, like: is it touchscreen? (probably no); I can see it has orientation sensor enabling electronic level - that's cool, but noone at Sigma mentioned it.

The level is definitely in the camera.  Doesn't look like touchscreen is in, tho.

What about wi-fi? Tethering? Mobile app wireless tethering & control like Panasonic?

WiFi would be great, but after the beating they took with the Merrills and battery life, I would think they would be served by being conservative in this area...

What about HD video? Maybe SD video? Maybe no video at all?

Why didn't they put more control elements having the mostly empty body? Of course it's a design decision but it's too design.

It has got a microphone so should have video of some sort. Curious as to why no mention in the specs yet though. Still too early in the development to tie it down I guess.

The mic could just be for their Voice Memo feature similar to the ones for the current cameras.


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