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Re: What and why....?

ArvoJ wrote:

FDecker wrote:

I think there is enough information out anyways. There are the patents, the papers from Foveon and the information provided by Sigma on their web pages. It is not even complicated to understand what they did and why. What else do you need?

File format specification and generic color conversion algoritms.

Why don't you ask Sigma?

They should lay open their various X3F formats in order to enable other software developers to support the Sigma cameras. And that's it. And I think they they did this in the past and will do it in the future.

They have not done that (excluding anonymous dcraw commit from SD9 era, which possibly was submitted by Foveon, but no one knows) and I don't see them opening their format in future. See, even Roland's humble request was locked I have asked them about same thing - no response.

No problem, someone will hack next format open too. It just takes time - and without algorithms there are almost no one, able to cook usable X3F development software. Iliah and Brian excluded of course.

I would hope Sigma would recognize that workflow is an important aspect of any Photographer's life, and provide a solution that would please them.  On the other hand, I think Sigma realizes that their cameras are not for everyone.


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