And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: As a company...

zodiacfml wrote:

...this is the most sensible thing for Sony to survive. I think they're going to focus on FF and higher margin products like what Canon/Nikon does ever since. I mean, in terms of lens maturity, Canon and Nikon weren't committed to APS-C format. This format is severely lacking lenses unless you resort to buying the FF lenses which should be larger and heavier with higher IQ. Sony appears to be planning this route.

I believe this kind of attitude is warranted because the bulk of DSLR sales comes from the masses which don't buy much lens as a enthusiast or professional.

The A6000 is plenty much for many (not all) people, like the 7d or the least in Sony's and Canikon's view.

Man, you are wrong in just about every way. Do you know how many Canon EF-S lenses exist? Do you realize their EF-S line has higher quality lenses that are more affordable than their Sony A-mount or E-mount counterparts? How do you explain Sony abandoning A-mount too, leaving their SLT users in the dark?

The most expensive EF-S lenses have L lens image quality, just not build quality. And Canon is not going to design $1k+ lenses for their APS-C cameras because most people who can't afford FF bodies won't pay thousands for their lenses either.

The bulk of camera sales does NOT come from full frame. If anything, it comes from APS-C so if Sony is strictly about making money, they should be developing their APS-C cameras further. FF bodies have higher margins, but it doesn't matter because the volume of sales is dwarfed by sales of APS-C. Why do you think Canon is going to such great lengths to not cannibalize sales of their own Rebel line? They have the AF technology now and optical engineering to create a great mirrorless line, but they have no interest in interfering with the best-selling camera line (Rebel) in the world.

Sony has FOUR types of lenses to deal with now: A-mount (APS-C/FF) and E-mount (APS-C/FF). They've been struggling to keep up in A-mount and in the last 3 years started two new types of lenses. Had they used the resources they spent developing SLT on their NEX line their E-mount system would be a lot better right now. Instead, buying into Sony is like buying a lottery ticket. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being picked as Sony's future.

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