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Re: Incomplete list.

Photato wrote:

A list comparing both cameras from a post on the Sony forum.

Sony A6000 vs Canon G1X2:
- 1.5 vs 1.92 crop factor +1 Sony
- EVF vs optional (NO) VF +1 Sony
- 24 Mpx vs 12.8 Mpx +1 Sony
- max ISO 25600 vs 12800 +1 Sony
- worlds best? OSPDAF vs CDAF +1 Sony
- changeable vs fixed lens +1 Sony
- Better grip, ergonomica vs.. +1 Sony
- 650/800 $ vs 799$ +1 Sony
- 11fps AF vs 5 fps +1 Sony
- 420 vs 240 shots/ battery +1 Sony
- in camera HDR, bracketing, Apps, HHT, Panorama, etc... + Sony
- already have SEL lenses +1 Sony

Crop factor? G1X lens is 24mm equiv. The sensor is smaler, yes, but the output is better.

EVF optional? Yes, some want it, some don't. Rather put the cost in the sensor/lens combo and keep size down.

24/18? Yes, better IQ from G1X still

Ever used the 25600? Satisfied?

AF system: + for Sony, will need to see and wait how the new one is.

Changeable vs. fixed? What kind of argument is that? The fixed lens is a plus for those who want it and know from experience that attaching large lenses and akward adapters to a small camera body is nonsense.

Never droped the NEX6 nor the G1X - so grips are ok for me

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