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Re: Tilting at windmills

Gary Martin wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

In reply to awaldram (Jim didn't write this):

I couldn't care either way the only thing that erks me is saying one thing and doing another, Its nonprofessional and leads to miss management of the customers expectations.

So we're customers, now? How did that happen? How much are you paying for your subscription? Mine's free.

Edit: misattribution of quote corrected.

We are customers for their advertising.

No, we are most certainly not "customers for their advertising", since that would imply that we purchase advertising from DPReview. That applies to practically no one here (unless of course you are a marketing manager of a camera company or their ad agency, but you can probably count those individuals here on one hand).

I'm not counting the DPR Gear Shop, but you don't mean that anyway. Even if, buying a camera no more entitles you to demanding certain editorial decisions than does ignoring their ads.


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