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Habs Fan27 wrote:

... If Nikon and Canon decide to go with a smaller mount, you can bet that they will release high quality adapters to use F-mount and EF lenses.

Canon has already developed a shorter flange distance lens mount for the EOS-M. They released with it a high quality adapter for EF lenses. Canon has failed by not releasing a high quality camera body with faster AF and compounded it with now limiting distribution for the EOS-M 2.

Nikon has developed a smaller mount in the CX mount for the 1" sensor 1 Series. They have a superb high quality adapter for F-mount lenses in the FT-1. Nikon has chosen to not support screw AF lenses but fully supports AF-S lenses for AF. AE is supported for AF-S and screw AF lenses. Aperture Priority and Manual Exposure is supported for AI-S lenses.

Nikon has failed only by not taking advantage of the short flange distance to support adapted lenses. There is no "shoot without lens" option so lenses/adapters are manual exposure only, not even Auto-ISO or Aperture Priority Mode. There is no focus peaking to assist with manual focus.

In my mind it is unbelievable that Pentax, Canon, and Nikon have not developed an EVF based interchangeable lens camera based on the K, EF, F (AF-S) lens mounts (flange distance constant) respectively. Why obsolete the current investment in lenses when an EVF based body as an alternative and supplement to a pentaprism and mirror based body would only add to the product line?

Let the customer choose which viewfinder/body style is best for them.

I expect Sony to eventually release a version of the current SLT cameras with the removal of the SLT mirror and the inclusion of PDAF focus sensors in the image sensor using the Alpha mount. These cameras (FF and APS-C) would have EVF, AF motors for screw drive lenses, and sensor based in body image stabilization.

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