Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

bill hansen wrote:

Thanks. That's very helpful. On a couple of previous trips, I've edited images at night, because I had to present them for group review the next day. It worked well enough, but it took away time from my sleep and from time talking to my wife, remembering the events of the day, and so forth. I think I'd like to use the tablet mostly for backup and culling.

I'm assuming that your tablet has an actual SD card slot, instead of micro SD. Otherwise, would you give me a little tutorial about how you get your image from the SD card of your camera to the micro SD card of the tablet? WiFi - and if you're using WiFi, what are you using for a hub while in the field (away from a WiFi network)? I see lots of adapters for Micro SD to SD, but I haven't seen one for SD to micro SD.

You don't actually have to copy the files to storage on the Windows tablet. As the USB ports on the Windows tablets are fully supported by the OS and have drivers for most, if not all, hardware you would plug into them, you have the ability to use attached storage just like you would on a desktop or laptop. In the case were the Windows tablet only has a micro A USB port, all you need is an OTG USB cable. An OTG cable just connects pin four to pin five, ground on the micro A port, which isn't actually used on a normal USB cable, so the OTG cable is just a USB micro A to USB A converter in practical terms when connected to a Windows tablet. From there you have a full low powered USB port to plug into.

I use a small two port USB hub and a couple of card readers where I copy the image files from the faster smaller SD cards I use in the camera, to slower cheaper larger SD cards that I use for back ups. If you want to use micro SD cards for back up you can also use one of these card readers that have both a microSD card slot, and a SD card slot, which can be active at the same time and copy from one card to the other.

Going SD card reader to SD card reader with the card readers above I'm getting about 13.5MB/s for file transfer speeds backing up to SanDisk 32GB Ultras 20MB/s cards on my Windows tablet. That's 8GB of photos in about 10 minutes, 16GB in twenty, and 32GB in thirty minutes. SD card to microSD card I get about 7MB/s transfer in one of the card readers. This is with a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s in the micro SD slot. I'm going to stick with the cheaper faster SD card to SD card backup.
Thank you

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