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G1 X Mark II hands down.

Photato wrote:

The A6000

Bigger sensor, more compact body, much faster AF in both still and video, double the resolution, longer battery life and much more features like panorama mode, 60fps video, etc. To top it off the price is better.

So why anyone would prefer the G1X2 ?

No touch screen on the A6000.

G1 X Mark II body smaller than A6000.

Put a 5X 24-120 eq. f/2.0-3.9 on the A6000 and then how much does it cost?  Guess what, that doesn't exist so try a couple of lenses and then how much does it cost?

Much faster AF?  According to whom?

DOUBLE the resolution?????  Please math that for me.  Neither direction gets twice the number of pixels, you only get twice the total number.  If the lens could keep up then in order to double the resolution (detail, actual ability to resolve detail) then you'd have to quadruple the total number of pixels, doubling them in each direction.  And even then, that is only assuming that additional noise isn't destroying detail.

Nobody cares about panorama mode.

Why does anyone need 60fps video?  Because more is better?  Yep, that's what I thought.

Price is better?  Re-math that, buddy.

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