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nevercat wrote:

GaryW wrote:

By the way, the worst problem, IMO, with using FE lenses on Nex cameras is that the "fast hybrid" AF is not supported. This would seem to me to be a serious limitation.

If thats true I agree with you, but maybe it is solvable in a FF update, maybe the A6000 will work with PDAF and FE lenses....

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Gary W.

Huh?! FE lenses do support PDAF (A7), why wouldn't they work on the A6000?

I think the FE lines will supplement the APS-C E-line nicely.

The 55mm give a nice 85mm-ish FOV. The FE 35mm provides with two popular FOV to people with both an APS-C camera and FF.

The 70-200 will give a nice pro grade 105-300mm f/4 on APS-C.

The upcoming 85mm(?) fast aperture Zeiss will give a nice long tele portrait prime, one which th E-mount line is missing and for that matter also the Fuji X-line.

The upcoming Macro G-lens will also be great for the APS-C crowd.

When it comes to primes and tele zooms then it makes perfect sense for Sony to concentrate on the FE line. The wide end, normal and light-tele is nicely covered for the APS-C cameras:


16mm + wide angle adapters



24mm Zeiss



35mm OSS

35mm Zeiss

50mm OSS

55mm Zeiss


85mm Zeiss (soon)

??mm G macro (soon)

Then the APS-C crowd have nice zooms covering 16-210mm

What is it that the APS-C crowd needs now apart from extreme tele stuff and ultra speciality lenses? It is indeed time to extend the FE line! Something both crowds will be happy about.

Thom Hogan, you failed to acknowledge that Sony is doing something quite exciting and not showing signs to stop. Only the A-mount crowd need to worry a little if they want many more new lenses.

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