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Re: DPR Hates Criticism...

Unfortunately, we can't really cite some Landlord-Tenant Act to hold DPR staff to account. I don't like that they've delayed the K-3 review for so long, nor the facebook-style reposting of items on the homepage to generate clicks. The ones that have anything to do with politics, ethics of photography/photojournalism are inevitably glib/superficial.

As far as reviews go, I would say that DPR consider they have certain standards to uphold in terms of the thoroughness, which I think is generally a good thing. And I think whatever the final score, we can say that someone who's come here to check out a review has been provided with useful information. Although we might not agree with the final conclusions and scoring, you know where you stand in relation to the camera.

That being said, maybe they should lighten up because DPR "seems" to be really understaffed for their current business model and the current market. They've established a whole other site dedicated to mobile phones and tablets, which are also very thoroughly reviewed while not keeping up with major stand-alone camera releases. This to me is really overkill. Meanwhile, stand-alone cameras are becoming more and more like your typical consumer electronic goods with shorter and shorter refresh cycles (at least it seems that way to me...). Not to mention how fast new tablets and phones come out.

So really, it seems like they're spreading themselves too thin, but aren't able or don't want to acknowledge or do something about it, leading to frustration all around.

Anyhow, I'm sure others have also noticed that DPR's embargo on linking to pentaxforums.com has ended, at least for now. I wonder whether this is DPR being magnanimous or hoping that more of us head over to PF and stop giving them a hard time here ...

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