Looking for 6D wide angle lens suggestions

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Looking for 6D wide angle lens suggestions

Somewhat long question, but hopefully someone here has gone through the same process and can offer some advice:

Some background: a long time ago (film-days) I used Nikon bodies MF bodies with a collection of primes mostly bought used. Initially I had : 28mm, 50mm, 135mm. Over time I added : 24mm, 85mm, 300mm. I remember being happy with that set of focal lengths, at least as much as can be remembered after 20 years.

Then came digital and a 20D. There were no useful primes for APS-C back then so I made the switch to zooms and sold my Nikon AI-S glass. Again over time I acquired the 17-55, 10-22, Sigma 50-150, Sigma 30mm and several full-frame Canon lenses : 50mm, 100mm, 100mm macro, 70-200 f4 is, 300mm f4 is. Progress through 40D, 50D and one of the smaller Rebels for travel use.

Next came the EOS-M. I bought into this system because I'd found that particularly in "walking" situations with family on vacation, the DSLR often stayed in the backpack and I missed shots. Even with the well-known EOS-M deficiencies, this worked very well and I now only carry the EOS-M system on air-based trips. DSLR is now only used at home or on car-based travel. I also bought the 11-22 lens for the EOS-M.

Experience with EOS-M led me decide to get a 6D (finally he's on topic!). Thinking is that since I now have "light" travel covered with the EOS-M, I no longer need to be concerned about size and weight for my DSLR and so the 6D becomes a worthwhile investment with a view to going back to my long-ago style of using primes and full-frame.

Which brings me to the question : given my existing collection of FF lenses, I am missing wide angle coverage. Which lens(es) should I consider? Initially thoughts turned to the new 24mm f2.8 IS. However, using the ultrawide zoom lenses over the past few years makes me wonder how useful 24mm will be. In addition, I'm further wondering about the benefit of wide-angle optics on a FF body vs both EF-S and EF-M -- I'm not an optical engineer, but I get the impression that the distance between the back of the lens and the sensor is important at wide-angle. Since EF-M has a much shorter distance, perhaps I will be able to simply continue to use my existing UW zooms on their APS-C bodies for wide angle shots (and not have any wide angle FF lenses) on the basis that image quality will be as good or better than an UW lens on my 6D (or at least any UW lens that costs a reasonable amount). My reasons for upgrading to FF are really all related to longer focal length shots : better subject isolation, nicer viewfinder experience, more accurate focus, etc.

Thanks for reading.

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