Interesting read by Thom Hogan

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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

You proved the issue with Thom's argument. You ask: Where is 50/1.8 for A-mount?

Well, it is there, crippled, and produced for APSc format. So it is missing for FF. That itself is ridiculous because 50mm is a neither here nor there FL on APSc yet it has been a classic normal FL on FF. But, that is exactly what Thom thinks Sony should do (ir more of).

Minolta used to have a 50/1.4 and 50/1.7, both FF. Sony decided to produce cheaper 50mm on APSc format instead and voila Thom's dreams in action and reality is, it crippled the A-mount in the process. I use Minolta 50/1.7 instead. A similar issue with 35mm too.

I refuse to buy crop sensor lenses on A-mount and hope that E-mount does not suffer the same fate. It is one of the reasons I have also stsyed away from the nice 24/1.8. If it were FE, a major part of upgrade process would be already there.

I can see a point to zoom lenses especially simce APSc format has to go wider than 24mm in most cases. But again, Sony replaced the economical FF 75-300 with APSc (initially with 55-200 and later with 55-300), more crippling. Now the FF 70-300 choice is limited to the premium G lens from Sony (or one has to go third party who only make FF versions). And that is the recipe Thom is demanding.

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