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To me, as a new user in this segment, this is hardly a problem. There aren't a lot of lenses in the E-mount, as some said, once you remove the mediocre ones, but there are those I'm interested into. I'd really like to see a 70-135mm/f4 zoom much lighter than the 70-200mm f/4, but I reckon this is a sort of exotic request.

Just a quick note of support - although my vote would be for 50-150f4. Seems to me that would be a natural companion to the 16-70 as well as working with the existing kit lenses. Whatever they do, it seems to me an E mount companion to the 16-70 is pretty important for keeping serious users in the system.


A way to solve this uncertainty, real or perceived, would be by means of Sony to release a more detailed roadmap for the 2/3 next years, but this is probably a problem for a corporate, as this would be too deep a constraint for them - but this, in the end, confirms the idea that they are not 100% sure of what they're doing.

A roadmap would be nice, but as you say, does not seem likely. I think Sony has been rethinking their strategy and they may not yet be settled into long term plans. After trying FF for several months last year I'm now committed to smaller sensors -- I just did not get the quality boost to justify the extra size, weight and cost. While there is a lot I like about Sony E mount I worry about where it will go in the next 2 or 3 years.


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