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I'm absolutely NOT disappointed in my A7r. The FE35 takes fabulous landscapes, and I've even taken some acceptable sports/action shot of my daughter playing basketball and volleyball using manual focus legacy lenses. I can't speak for everyone who bought the A7 or A7r, but I certainly didn't buy mine for it's AF ability - I bought it for outstanding IQ and adaptability


No reason for disappointment then, although I suspect Sony will be shoving a superior verison of the A7r under your nose in the not too distant future,

Yep - technology always improves and something better is always around the corner. In the meantime, I've already taken several thousand shots with my A7R and have still been using my (old) NEX 7 a bit too. They both were "dream" cameras for me (the NEX 7 gave me ability to use my many legacy lenses collected over the years, and A7R allows me to shoot them at their native focal lengths) when they came out and I will probably use them until they break, even if something better comes out.



it seems you managed to make an informed buying decision !

according to Euell, it seems to be an impossible and extraordinary feat for the people dwelling these forums. and everybody else here bought their A7/7R without thinking, because everyone throws $2000+ out the window on a monthly basis nowadays, by Euell's standards

it seems you are a hero for Euell !
congratulations for achieving what the rest of us could not.
Euell, thank you for pointing out that we should all read spec sheets and reviews before buying a camera. without you, i would certainly have fallen into Sony's next trap and bought every camera they release instead of taking pictures with my current cameras !

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It's funny that many folks want to wait for that perfect camera to come out - though it will never happen and there will always be something better (though never perfect) just around the corner.  I find it interesting that so many people can't just go out and get the best thing that is available and within their budget and then use it without worrying about what is coming out next month.


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