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Re: I think Thom makes valid points....

...and they are not just directed at Sony----in fact, this is an outgrowth of things he's been writing about Nikon for a while. Quite critical things, btw.

I also see this, however, as a view through a particular "lens", pun intended, that is clearly optics focused. And that is very much a pro point of view, or at least a particular sort of pro.  This sort of person needs to align themselves with the lenses they think they will need.  They are more apt to shoot primes, and more apt to need particular lenses for particular jobs.

I also know, however, that most of the pros I've had any contact with shoot with just a handful of lenses.  So while the lens offerings of Canon and Nikon are vast, when you weed them down to the best lenses that list is already smaller, weed down to contemporary designs smaller still. & etc.

So we have multiple points of "yes, but..." to his argument.  It does not invalidate it, but it qualifies it by a lot, I think.  Add in the salient point above that he is making a bit too much of the multiple mount thing with Sony---which has just 2 mounts, full stop---and includes a maturing adapter strategy (Nikon has 2 mounts, too, and no adapter strategy whatsoever...), plus a now robust 3rd party adapter market with multiple players, PLUS the overlooked fact that all FF lenses can be used for APSC, and now furthermore with E mount FF a built in crop mode....the argument is very much qualified.

And then we add in the consideration of 3rd party manufacturers---who are making some mighty nice lenses!----and I don't feel this issue is nearly as significant as he argues.  In another thread I opined that if I were head of Sony camera division I'd be working really really hard on more agreements with other lens manufacturers:  Sigma, Tamron, Cosina and Samyang to complement the existing relationship with Zeiss.  Just sayin'.

I agree with him most frequently, but this is one place where (with regard to Sony, at least) we will have to agree to disagree.

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I don't think Sony has an issue with Tamron and Zeiss as third party suppliers as they collaborate together. Sigma is an oddball but likely because it refuses to license and pay its dues, instead chooses to reverse engineer. That isn't Sony's fault. In fact, Sigma has similar issues with Canon and Nikon too.

A point Thom could learn is that lenses are becoming disposable commodities too. The trend really started with the arrival of AF systems and accelerated over last few years with drive by wire designs from all manufacturers. Another key to disposability is increased ease of replacing systems.

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