Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: Two Things Count: Analog SNR and How Much Analog Signal Reaches The ADC

nixda wrote:

My question is: when aperture and shutter speed are selected appropriately for intended DoF and motion freeze, but the resulting image at base ISO would end up darker than intended, is it necessary with the X-Trans APS-C sensors to adjust the ISO upwards, or would it be sufficient to keep base ISO (in order to maximize DR) and adjust brightness afterwards in post-processing?

Does keeping base ISO and then brightening later on the computer really maximize DR? I think it's the actual exposure that determines DR, not ISO.

How do these sensors behave at base-ISO and low light levels when it comes to noise? In other words, how isoless are these sensors?

Good question. IAC, I don't think that there's any harm in raising ISO in camera with ISOless sensor cameras, other than the risk of the ISO gain causing clipped highlights.

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