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Catnapp wrote:

Hi French HiP,

I think Euell has a reasonable argument. take dpreview article as an example, there is no significant differnce in AF performance between the A7 and the R model. with the A6000 model sony proved to have the tech for fast AF.

I hope it there will be a firware update on the A7. for faster AF



They've only said they can do faster AF with the new A6000 - not tested/proven yet...and that is on an apsc sensor with apsc lenses - might be more difficult to implement with a larger sensor and heavier lenses (more mass to move for AF motors and less DoF to work with!).  I'm sure they will improve tech in the future, but won't be holding my breath expecting a FW update to make it better on my current camera.  FWIW, my A7R autofocuses much faster and more accurately than I expected based on the initial reviews I read before I purchased it - AF wasn't a priority for me then, and won't be in the future as I still prefer MF most of the time.  You can always wait for the next tech to show up, but there will always be something better just around the corner, so you might be waiting forever - at least that would be better for the pocketbook


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