uh oh, no A7000...?

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Re: I think that ...

blue_skies wrote:


So we lost Mic input and AF/MF-lock controls?

This can't be real, can it?

I think that Sony should consider the following:

  1. Add the Mic input, AF/MF-lock control, metal body, Tri-Navi, higher res EVF (perhaps tiltable)
  2. Call it A7000
  3. Price it at $800 ($150 more than A6000) 


  1. take the A7, drop the FF sensor and put in the 24Mp APS-C sensor
  2. Call it the A6
  3. Price it at $1,100

and let the markets decide ...

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Naah, that would sound too much like GM and Chrysler lineup of the past. Ford was smarter consolidating its line up into a more meaningful, simpler one.

What I expect (and hope) to see is an a7000 that builds on a6000 but gets a7 EVF (even if just for looking better on the spec sheet) and body (weather sealing and all... another bait for the spec sheet buyers), may be weaker AA filter and call it a day with $1200 price tag on it. That would give three different body styles each with increased utility: a5000 at entry level for NEX-3/5 series admirers, a6000 for NEX-6/7 bodystyle admirers and a7000 for those who want to use their APSc camera as a being more than RF style photography tool.

And I doubt Sony will throw APSc into ax series and should not. Actually, I am afraid Sony might throw in A-mount into the ax series, atleast for FF (a8 and/or a9 could be a DSLR form body with ability to support both mounts if that technical challenge were to be addressed somehow) and with FF sensor.

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