uh oh, no A7000...?

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Re: uh oh, no A7000...?

Someone made a similar point earlier, but to expand:

I have an NEX6 - I've got six lenses for it - I've committed to APS-C E-mount. Sony wants to keep customers like me with mid-depth-wallets hooked, but they know they can't tempt me with an A7 because I can't take my lenses with me.

I'm not going to buy an A6000, and many other users like me aren't.. we're not going to buy a $650 body with numerous compromises for our $1000++ lens collection. And ok the A6000 shows some commitment to the platform, but if they don't release something more up-market soon enthusiasts like me who like to be where the action is aren't going to stick around.

Put it another way: were Sony to produce a weather sealed magnesium alloy body with a large hi-res EVF and an APS-C sensor, costing around $1000-1200, I'd buy it, and so would a lot of others. I'd carry on putting money into the system for another couple of years. Sony know that, they want my money, I suspect they aren't going to ignore that $1200 readily on offer and leave my ass in the wind.

Put yet another way: Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic have far too many good cameras in the huge hole between the A6000 and the A7 to ignore - that gap is going to take too many enthusiasts out of their ecosystem, even if spending R&D in a cramped sector isn't always desirable.

When you buy a Nikon 5200, you buy lenses knowing that there will always be a 7xxx up there in the range for when you want to take your kit further. If you were to buy an OMD EM10 today you'd feel safe buying MFT lenses knowing that Olympus would always have a flagship like the EM1 waiting for you.

When I bought my NEX6 it was with a very clear anticipation of a NEX7 successor that would eventually replace my 6 and make my investment in lenses worthwhile.

If Sony is telling me that the great but compromised A6000 is the best they are going to do for their E-mount APS-C platform, I'm putting the whole lot on Ebay. But the lens platform is maturing nicely, I'm pretty sure they want my $1200 for their A7000, and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to drop me, current focus on FF or no...........

Sony didn't tell you that. People are drawing their own conclusions and running around with it, led by rumor sites like SAR. There is zero logic in assuming that a6000 will be the top line APSc model. Sony simply doesn't want people to look forward to their fifth launch/announcement in four months. That is way too many and distracts buyers. Once the dust settles, I would wager on a7000... just as I did with continuation of RF form factor and APSc format that many assumed was no more.

And yes, current focus has to be on FF as it benefits APSc too (lenses). Just as you want choices but limiting to APSc, many of us would like to see choices going beyond APSc (and prefer that lenses be not handicapped by working only on crop bodies).

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