uh oh, no A7000...?

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Re: uh oh, no A7000...?

FodgeandDurn wrote:

Someone made a similar point earlier, but to expand:

I have an NEX6 - I've got six lenses for it - I've committed to APS-C E-mount. Sony wants to keep customers like me with mid-depth-wallets hooked, but they know they can't tempt me with an A7 because I can't take my lenses with me.

Err... you can actually.

I'm not going to buy an A6000, and many other users like me aren't.. we're not going to buy a $650 body with numerous compromises for our $1000++ lens collection. And ok the A6000 shows some commitment to the platform, but if they don't release something more up-market soon enthusiasts like me who like to be where the action is aren't going to stick around.

"Numerous compromises"... what now? There's less dots in the EVF and a few people who have looked at it actually said it's a better experience than the old EVF due to refresh rate, etc. If you gotta have that extra resolution, why not buy the MIS shoe one with the money you saved between this and the expensive body you really wanted? Done.

Or did you really love tri-navi that much? I have to admit, I never used it, so maybe I would be turned to the dark side as well if I owned a NEX-7 for a while. But auto-ISO in M mode, as the A6K is sure to have, will eliminate the need for that third dial for most situations anyway.

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