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In a nutshell...

I think these are his major points (in random order), which I would like to address:

  1. Crop sensor lenses development is neglected by everyone, and needs more attention, since crop sensors are here to stay at least for economic reasons
  2. You can't trust any of the camera manufacturers these days, but at least Canon and Nikon have the most complete lens lineups.
  3. Nikon might as well make mirrorless without changing the registration distance, since as he says, the EM-1 is technically wider than a DF given the handgrip anyway.

As for #1, his premise is that every system camera should have every kind of lens (app). He is contradicting himself, since he has also stated that basically even Canon and Nikon are becoming consumer electronics companies because the professional photography market is shrinking. I am not a professional photographer. And if I was, I would not use every conceivable type of lens. My needs are addressed with a couple or wides, normal, portrait, and perhaps one day a tilt-shift (and it need not be from the vendor).  He probably subscribes to additional reasons why crop lens expansion is necessary: they should be smaller/lighter than FF counterparts, and some of the FF lenses are "oddball" focal lengths for crop frame. (35 on crop isn't exactly a 50mm equivalent, 50 crop isn't an 85, etc.)

As for #2. He is right. You cannot trust the manufacturers. You cannot exactly bank on any of the new lens systems, since who knows which ones will succeed? Unfortunately lenses with autofocus motors and stabilization, etc. are in any case threatening the longevity of lenses in general. Not that many lenses can be considered an investment any more. So maybe being able to trust the manufacturers is a little overrated, since you can't trust the lens longevity anyway (unless you go for the old fully mechanical lenses).

No comment on #3.

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