Does the IQ outweigh the slow AF of G!-1x

Started Feb 13, 2014 | Discussions thread
frameman Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: Yes it does Russ

I have the D-Lux 4, basicly an LX3, and I have tested the G1X. The focusing speed is about the same, the high ISO G1X files knock spots off the LX3, the G1X swivel screen is invaluable. Now don't get me wrong there are times when the D Lux 4 blows my mind, and as you say the macro is superb but where things are really different is in the files themselves. D Lux4 files in raw and jpg will only stand so much working before they break, the G1X files will take as much working as my Canon 600D files. Now I have been waiting for the G1X II but at it's release price + extras it takes the edge off the camera. I will probably get the G1X and keep the 600D as well. The G1X is a very good camera, IQ, high ISO and size are it's strengths, you will not be disappointed with the G1X  you will just need to shoot a slightly different way and be amazed.

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