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Re: + EVF

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...and EVF included.

Plus rubbish menu system, plus nasty skin tones, plus poor zoom lenses, where do you want to go with this? My 5D2 has an optical viewfinder, 1/8000th shutter speed, much bigger sensor etc etc, see how that works?

The 5D2 is in a total different league man, cman lol.

But the A6000 seems like a reasonable alternative to the G1X for those seeking great IQ in a small package under $800.

Is not a coincidence that Sony announced it right after the G1X.

certainly is not 800 by the time you add on those "high quality primes" and other lenses you are saying you would get / need,etc.

But the flexibility is there. Not only in image quality but also in size.

Good luck in getting the same image quality with the 16-50mm or 18-55mm. The only advantage of the Sony is more dynamic range (most likely) and that isn't the be all and end all, I'll take a high quality lens and reasonable dynamic range every time. The dynamic range on the G1X is fine and I shoot landscapes. I had a 5n, great dynamic range, poor colour, poor menu system etc etc. Sony isn't for everyone.

The only advantage dynamic range?. WTH! lol

Somebody else made a more exhaustive list than I did and the A6000 is BY FAR a more complete package. Feature by Feature, Spec by Spec.

With the G1X you are stuck with that lens.

*sigh* That's the point, it's specifically designed for the sensor, it's for people who don't want to change lenses but want the best IQ from such a camera, if they didn't they'd buy an interchangeable lens camera and accept the compromise that comes with that set-up.

Problem is, the Canon lens is not that impressive, telling by the Canon samples they released.

I'd put it at the same level as the A6000 16-50 kit in optical performance. Granted both have different range and apertures.

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