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This will always be a subjective issue, since everyone has their preferences on how a camera should look and handle in addition to the technical reviews and assessment of image quality at various ISOs, Apertures and Focal lengths. As a very happy LX5 owner, it took sometime and a considerable price drop before I upgraded to the LX7.  The only other camera that tempted was the Fuji 100/200 and even the NEX 3N.  The drop in LX7 price to under £300 in the UK clinched it.

The LX7 is better in every way, with one exception. Some mis-guided designer/implementor thought it would be OK to make the Self Timer and AEB mutually exclusive. It wasn't and isn't. To perfect the LX7, the LX9 would correct this mis-judgement; add an articulated screen, an EVF (maybe) and the now obligatory Wifi/NFC.

Not seen anything, so far, to oust the LX7.  Aperture apart, it will be very interesting to see in depth review of the TZ60/ZS40. I sent the LF1 back.  A combo of the LX7 and the TZ60 could be formidable.

There are a few quite compact mirrorless ILCs that clearly have a sensor advantage, unfortunately their compact kit lenses negate the ISO advantage. To get LX7 quality optics, one would have to spend £500 plus on lens in addition to the body cost. A total of circa £1,000 and it would not be pocket friendly.

In summary, correct, IMO, no-one's bettered the LX7 yet

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