Interesting read by Thom Hogan

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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

The one thing you can take from this is that Sony may have dropped the ball a little bit with A-mount.  If you take A-mount (including Minolta lenses), it's a relatively complete system with many options.

He also leaves out the fact that you can use all your A-mount lenses on A7/r via a very high quality adapter.  Sure it's not ideal or attractive but if you are a) shooting landscape from a tripod or b) shooting wildlife with a large Tele lens, the extra bulk is negligible.  When you want a small lens for everyday shooting, you have the 35mm and 55mm FE lenses (for now).

If Nikon and Canon decide to go with a smaller mount, you can bet that they will release high quality adapters to use F-mount and EF lenses.

I think FE will be very popular and there will be many lenses that will be usefull on APS-C.  There is no point in making a whole bunch of specialty lenses for APS-C when a full frame can substitute.  Where Sony needs to concentrate on APS-C lenses is making small useful zooms and wide angles that will retain the size advantage of APS-C.  Anything over 50mm, the size difference is marginal between FF an APS-C

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