Interesting read by Thom Hogan

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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

GaryW wrote:

He seems worried that both Sony and Nikon will not have a "complete" line of APS-C lenses, even though both of these camera systems can use the FF-size lenses.

So, first of all, I don't see the big deal, except for FE lenses being more expensive and slightly larger. I would like to know that there will be occasional more consumer-friendly (cheaper!) models.

He also ignores the fact that you have the entire A-mount line available with AF, if you have an obscure need for the odd lens.

+1 Gary.   Thom uses the information he needs to make a point without telling the whole story.   Which is really not unlike the vast majority of the posts I see from m4/3, Fuji X and other users making general statements about Sony's lenses but they always leave out many of the available options.   But that doesn't mean that Thom is all wrong in his criticisms of Sony.   There is no question that Sony's lens strategy is a weakness compared to the cameras.

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