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I'm an about to be new Fuji owner. I recall Adobe was not supporting raw conversions of Fuji files particularly well for a while. Is that still the case? Is Lightroom an processing option at this point for Fuji files, or do I need to get Capture One? What about using Capture One to convert raw to a TIFF and then working with the file in Lightroom?

Lightroom works fine. It has decent (if neutral) colour by default by it's easy to change. It has excellent highlight recovery, little colour bleed and the least moire of all options.

C1 and all the rest produce weird colours and other artifacts that people seem blind to but don't work for me at all.

It's main issue is sharpening of Fuji RAWs. It works fine on hard edges but the base threshold does not work as well on low contrast areas such as foliage. The simple solution is NOT to sharpen in LR but to buy a decent plug-in that uses deconvolution sharpening instead of USM, especially if it can be applied by brush or masking instead of universally.

Focal Blade and OnOne's Perfect Suite work as LR post editors (do your LR conversion first then open in either to finish off).

I am a LR user from the days when the Danish version was called Rawshooter Essentials and have been using LR alongside Capture One for the last 5 years. Have used Photo Ninja and Silky Pix, found the results totally acceptable, but didn't like the interface. But weird colours?? Couldn't say that I noticed in neitehr PN or Silky - or C1 for that matter.

I would be interested as to where you get this "C1 and the rest produce weird colours and other artifacts" from?? Can you supply some examples?

Here are a couple of rather neutral images, taken for some silly online ads, rather than biffing the thing. Where would LR in your opinion be 1. better and 2. have less weird colours and other artifacts?

Regarding the sharpening, I am at a loss as to what you are talking about.

Happy to provide the RAM files to show me - and maybe others - the difference you get using LR!


I tested C1 for the whole of the trial period on several hunded Xpro1 files. I used C1 exclusively a few years ago, so I know the interface fine, it worked very well for my Pentax files.

It produced a lot of nice looking images, but the default colours it produced, while superficially pleasing, were not accurate. I compared them directly with test scenes and a colour chart and LR was closer. You can do the same yourself.

Colour bleed issues (which were cured in the second version of LR) were also present, and moire was an issue as well. I gave up on it.

But hey, if you are happy with it, fine. It works great but it just isn't that much better and I have no intention of recataloguing all my RAW files.

I guess there si always something bigger and better, so whats wrong with the colours of the images above, wanna give it a try in LR and show how much better by picture would look in LR?

I am not trying to be silly here but genuinely interested. I have been using Capture One since version 3.0 in I believe 2004 and Lightroom since it still was called Rawshooter Essentials (I actually had the Pro version as well, but just saying if you only know it by the name Rawshooter Essentials).

Where can I send the RAW files for you to show me the difference it makes? After your last post I am very keen to see this, since it is quite possible that I am using Capture One wrongly and should in fact use Lightroom only. Since the above images were near enough to default so no colur shifts done, no colour correction etc.

Since you mentioned that sharpening is an issue in Capture One, I will post 2 images, one reduced to 1800px the other one a 100% crop. I would be very interested if you wanted a play with the eye as well, ok?

ISO 200 35/1.4 F5.6 1/180

100% crop

Let me know ok? It's not that I am not happy with the results, but always keen to find out where the next step goes. Here is the file!



It looks fine to me, I never said there was a problem with sharpening, I said there was a problem with moire and colour bleed, which would not occur in this shot. The colour however looks too magenta.

But unless you shoot a colour chart how can you tell? I can't see the original scene, and I don't keep thousands of test photos cluttering up my hard drive. Just shoot a colour chart and compare the JPEGs, real life and C1.

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