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Re: Tilting at windmills

Model Mike wrote:

steephill wrote:

Every time a new camera of any brand doesn't get an immediate full glowing review the carping starts. I read the same sort of rubbish about DPR bias in lots of forums.

I suspect it just 'got' to them, but the DPR staff should deal with this kind of thing as part of the general community banter.

Nope, this is more than just banter. Pentax fans have become known across the entire site for spamming other comment threads and forums with griping about perceived slights that no one else cares about. People have openly mocked Pentax fans for this.

It's not just DPR that's fed up with that. Other users actually are too.

This is just embarrassing and should stop immediately. It's just making the entire Pentax community here look like a bunch of crazies.


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