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I don't think you understand the full context

KL Matt wrote:

I would agree with you if I thought posting in the feedback forum had any effect. However, my experience shows that even a simple query, with occasional reminders, can take 3 months to get any kind of response on. It so happens that that request was also Pentax-related...

Well I certainly cannot understand how in the world you would have this impression. Simon Joinson recently replied *at length* to a post in which you brazenly demanded an apology of the DPR staff for running their business the way they see fit. I might refuse to communicate with you or in threads you started entirely in their shoes:


Quick community moderator 101 for you and anybody else that cares: The best way to cause havoc is to delete people's postings. So they actually did something that's worse than what you're advocating. Your choice is second worst.

What makes things worse is that there isn't really much discussion in the feedback forum from users either - not anywhere near what you get in any other forum (I think there may be one or two other "sleeper" forums, but you get what I mean).

So it's not enough for you that you get a direct response from the editor, you also demand public outcry, 'or else'? What if no one else cares that much?

What should I do, grovel before the editor? Remember he gets a paycheck because of ad clicks that occur as a by-product of traffic that I (and you, and the next guy) generate on this site, plus the fact that we are "prospects" for purchasing things from the GearShop (not likely that I ever will, but I'm not the only one so that must be assumed accounted for in the spreadsheet).

So the feedback forum seems to have been instituted as a kind of feedback graveyard. A mass grave, perhaps, for brandicide victims. But instead of quietly decomposing, the ignored feedback starts to ferment, and ends in a riot.

That's patently ridiculous. They read and reply to those posts in due time despite the often completely inappropriate, entitled and demanding tone of the posts there. I imagine they respond as much as their self-respect allows them to considering.

The Pentax forum is one of the most active. Quite how Joinson calculated that those users could be painlessly ignored is beyond my ken.

You live on a different planet.


Joinson once claimed that he spends hours every night reading posts in the feedback forum. Given how many of those hours must have passed in the three months before he got around to a certain Pentax thread, I think my scepticism of DPR's commitment to the overall feedback exercise is completely justified - as well as my scepticism of anything Mr. Joinson might say.

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