And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: You are a liar....

Donny out of Element here wrote:

Smiller4128 wrote:

No more support for the APS-C in terms of a NEX7 replacement or APS-C lenses...odd considering they just released the A6000....

Can't get my hands on my X100S soon enough! (And my X-T1 when it releases!)

1. No one in that rumor mentions that there will be no more support. Can't you even read?

2. Do you know definition of rumor?

3. A6000 is just released, what more support do you want? Sony is not abandoning APS-C cameras and lenses. There will be more cameras and more lenses.

Now stop trolling.

First off, I can't be a troll if there's a legitimate argument to be made and having said that...

Yes these are based on a "rumors" site but the author knows sources within and around the sony company. His posts may not be 100% accurate but they are based around certain truths.

One of those truths being that, yes Sony has released an APS-C camera, but there's no plan to release any lenses for the APS-C platform for the rest of they year. They may very well release 12 new lenses next year, but if that's the plan then they need to provide their buyers who are invested into their system a measure of reliability and comfort by giving them an updated aps-c lens roadmap for the future, but so far that focus is going entirely to FE lenses. and yes, FE lenses CAN be used for the aps-c model cameras but they cost a ridiculous amount of money if you're looking to stick to APS-C vs. Full Frame

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