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re: on of the most trite (and too often repeated) syllogisms - but...

GaryW wrote:

Who wants to pay for "pro grade" f2.8 zooms? Who wants to lug them around on their compact camera? If you want a big heavy lens, you might as well have a big, heavy camera to go with it. Sony sells A-mount cameras and lenses that can handle that.

...the frequent use doesn't make it a single bit less false !!

  • if using N7 instead of Eos 7d (both used with exactly the same 1.2 kilos 400mm lens) allows me to shave just a mere 0.5 kilo;
  • then I most gladly do so, and the only things I miss are [a] excellence of 7d's OVF, and [b] its blazing speed and accuracy of focus when AF'ing moving targets at high speed;
  • but... perhaps (fingers crossed) at least the [b] is gonna to be changed IFF what early YT videos of a6k in action AF demonstrated will... turn out to be as impressive when used with longer FLs??
  • alas, simultaneously we got robbed of substantial part of 2.4 Mpx resolution of the OLED EVFin N7-classic;
  • so the longing in [a] will get even stronger !!


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