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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

A way to quickly sum up Thom's point, IMHO, is that Sony strategy is very aggressive on several fronts (mirrorless APC + mirrorless FF) and it has got also legacy (A-mount). Given that a corporate cannot be equally present on all those four fronts, I mean, keeping the same pace of releasing new products in all those lines, the result is some confusion and worry (perhaps more based on false perception than real troubles) by the customers.

As some posted here in the past weeks, for instance, Sony won't do a lot of things in the E-mount APS-C front this year, because clearly they have to prioritize the newest and more profitable E-mount FF. Perhaps 1-2 lenses only and just the A-6000, which is sort of a mid-way improvement over NEX-6 (with some contradictions, such as the worse EVF).

To me, as a new user in this segment, this is hardly a problem. There aren't a lot of lenses in the E-mount, as some said, once you remove the mediocre ones, but there are those I'm interested into. I'd really like to see a 70-135mm/f4 zoom much lighter than the 70-200mm f/4, but I reckon this is a sort of exotic request.

For what concerns the camera bodies, I'm not eager to buy a new one and in the meantime I'm satisfied to see that Sony is addressing AF speed. I realise that most of the new things that we'll see in next camera bodies will be sooner or later available in all new models - I mean, I expect to see improved AF in the next FF, then we'll probably see better EVFs in FF first and I expect to see a fall-off in 2015 APS-C, and so on.

What some people could be worried about is Sony entirely dropping E-mount APS-C. I'm saying this as this fear has been always present in the Nikon world since when they introduced the FF. Still, IMHO, this is not a thing that is going to happen.

A way to solve this uncertainty, real or perceived, would be by means of Sony to release a more detailed roadmap for the 2/3 next years, but this is probably a problem for a corporate, as this would be too deep a constraint for them - but this, in the end, confirms the idea that they are not 100% sure of what they're doing.

Clearly, for people interested only or mostly in the E-mount FF, Sony's strategy is definitely not a problem.

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