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Re: Interesting read by Thom Hogan

I find the things Thom writes in this very weird.

He tells that lenses are very important for people who buy Interchangeble lens cameras. That is true. But then he starts to do as if you only can use APS lenses on an APS camera, that is nonsence. It is perfectly possible to use FF lenses on a crop camera. For some lenses it makes it even more attractive. Look at the 70-400mm G lens from Sony, on my A700 it gets a FOV of 105-600mm not bad! And would a lens with the same quality be much smaller when it was specialy designed for the APS sensor? I don't think so!

It makes sense that special lenses (like high quality lenses, long telelenses etc. are made in FF only, these lenses are not as much sold, so the FF cameras will give the APS  users more lenses to choose from then when Sony had to make two versions of every lens.

I will forget the remark he makes that Sony has 5 lens types, when he include the fixed lens linen too.

When he tells that Nikon has to use its existing mount for mirrorless, he is forgetting that their existing mount makes it impossible to make smaller cameras at all, as the flange distance will stay the same...

Will mirrorless take over in the end? Yes I'm sure of that.
We have to see when in how, but it will happen, look how Fuji, m43 and Sony have fast focussing in their lineup now. The reason for buying DSLRs will go down. In the end we will see a small grou[p of people using DSLRs for very special reasons like some peole now are using rangefinder cameras...

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