Why I'm buying my 3d X-S1

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Re: Why I'm buying my 3d X-S1

John.Laninga wrote:

My name is John, and I'm a gear-a-holic. Over the years, I have spent a ton of cash on the latest gear. Be it a new body, a new lens, or a new bag, I'm always lusting over a new piece of gear. I've got to quit!

In ancient history (gear wise) I bought an excellent Sony D700, followed by the D770. Great all in one systems, 5 -1 zoom, Zeiss lens. Later, I got an Sony R1, also a great all in one. So when the X-S1 came out I bought it, but sold it because of orbs, lens droop, and a perceived slow focus issues.

Now I'm getting ready to go on a Galapagos cruise, and the inevitable GAS syndrome struck again. I had it all: multiple bodies, multiple lenses, multiple bags. But which to actually take?

So I finally decided that I'm just kidding myself. I don't want to scramble in and out of Zodiac boats carrying a bag full of (expensive) gear! So I bought me another X-S1. Direct comparison between it, my GX7, and GH3 actually shows that in the way I use it (mostly photo books and on line albums) the X-S1 holds its own (except bokeh, and I still have to try Pro mode).

I think I've gone full circle. I have my GH3 with 12-35mm, 35-100mm and 100-300mm up for sale, maybe will sell the GX7 with 14-140 II as well if I get the guts to do so. And buy another X-S1 in case it ever fails and no longer available.

Instead, I'm focusing (pun intended) on technique instead of gear. I think good technique with decent gear trumps poor technique and excellent gear.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and for Galapagos, I'm carrying my X-S1 and a plastic baggie for water proofing. For on board use, either my XF1 or LX7.

and I was hoping for some magic 3d modification

enjoy your 3rd XS1


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