dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

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axlotl wrote:

Thanks to all forum members for responding to my original post and contributing to the discussion.

Some have asked why I do not show the left hand supporting the lens from beneath. Of course I tried that but it felt uncomfortable. This camera asks to be held at (with OVF) or near (with monitor view) eye level. To get my left hand under the lens I have to twist the left wrist around. It feels much better as shown.

Some have commented that on the initial photo the position of the left hand looks cramped. Yes. it is, I was trying to do the photographs without an assistant. So this time I got an assistant to press the shutter of the taking camera, allowing the left hand to take up a more comfortable position. The combined left and right hand hold is decently steady. The manual focus ring on the lens is right under the tip of the 4th finger of the left hand.

Basically the left hand does the holding and the right hand the operating. The layout is unusual and different from other cameras for as yet unrevealed reasons but I think it will work OK.

Thanks. Yes, it will work OK. The images you provided shows how it will handle while changing settings. I have yet to see how it handles while shooting with one or two hands (such as the thumb resting beside the buttons or underneath the fourway controller).

I strongly predict that the Quattro has better handling compared to previous DPs (though I predict the shorter height of the camera would need someone getting used to).

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