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Yes, I also think the camera will be popular

However I hope they let us use the new PDAF with A-mount lenses via an existing or new adaptor, and release a new APS-C lens roadmap with some lenses which will utilise this technology at affordable prices, otherwise it will rather seem like a 'last hurrah' for current NEX customers

Also - as a digression, there is a standing question of AF's accuracy - at 11 fps I don't see much space left for a CDAF performing its usual routine of tiny-weeny steps, vacillating around the critical focus position between each consecutive frame - simple there is no enough time for CDAF to do so.

Which means, the speed advantage must be mostly due to the fast CPU (Bionz X), and a very reliable predictive algorithms = quite accurately telling the lens each time where to go in just one very quick, single sweep. A decades-old, well proven, PDAF-classic trick !! Minimizing potential problems due to latency lags, and mass hysteresis.


In other words, the predictive artificial intelligence - esp. for very fast action shooting & tracking, must rely much more on PDAF-part than on CDAF, thus the hybrid-AF solution as known from N6/5R is much less hybrid in a6k than we're accustomed to think given the past experiences,


The aditional CPU capabilities of the new camera will certainly play a part in any AF improvements, but maybe there are also some changes on the new sensor which make things better?

We are now in the second/third generation of this technology (16MP APS-C and 24MP FF sensors with OSPDAF) so there must have been some lessons learnt from the previous efforts (and the 'competition' vis-a-vis Nikon 1) which have been fed back into this latest design!

if you remember my list of practical questions concerning the use of a6k the topmost item there was about the LIST (yes, yet another list, but whereas a road map of future lenses seems to be a big, big hurdle for Sony, to compile such a list shouldn't be), an official LIST of all lenses in E-mount which will benefit from the new, supposedly speedy AF on a6k (including also all such FE lenses)


Yes, that is a big question: the new PDAF performance looks very interesting, but we need to know what lenses it is relevant to!

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As I just posted to Neil, the FE55 appears to be a fast hybrid (PDAF) lens, from Sony sources.


a long (and wordy) YT overview of the a6k.


Thanks, sure is long. Here's the article from The Verge with comments by David Pierce which is mentioned.




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