And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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As a company...

Smiller4128 wrote:

No more support for the APS-C in terms of a NEX7 replacement or APS-C lenses...odd considering they just released the A6000....

Can't get my hands on my X100S soon enough! (And my X-T1 when it releases!)

...this is the most sensible thing for Sony to survive.  I think they're going to focus on FF and higher margin products like what Canon/Nikon does ever since.  I mean, in terms of lens maturity,  Canon and Nikon weren't committed to APS-C format.  This format is severely lacking lenses unless you resort to buying the FF lenses which should be larger and heavier with higher IQ.  Sony appears to be planning this route.

I believe this kind of attitude is warranted because the bulk of DSLR sales comes from the masses which don't buy much lens as a enthusiast or professional.

The A6000 is plenty much for many (not all) people, like the 7d or the least in Sony's and Canikon's view.

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