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Tilting at windmills

Every time a new camera of any brand doesn't get an immediate full glowing review the carping starts. I read the same sort of rubbish about DPR bias in lots of forums. This non-existent bias apparently favours Nikon and/or Canon. A recent post in one of those threads did what anyone can do - compare announcement dates with review dates for all brands of cameras. Far from favouring Nikon it looked like they were being ignored. So much for bias.

This topic has been answered honestly and fairly by DPR in the feedback thread mentioned. Dreaming up conspiracy theories isn't going to change reality or accelerate any review process. How could it if every fan of every brand is doing the same whining?

When it comes to censorship remember that this is a private site not a democracy. If you don't like it you are free to leave (unlike some other non-democratic systems!).

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