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re: 55mm? actually... TOO SHORT

hip2 wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

Euell wrote:

Too long for general use on APSc.

I'd much prefer 85/1.4, 100/2 or even 135/2 - classic short teles, but neither is even on S's road map !!

for the E-mount, these might be too big.

you might get the same focal lengths, but smaller apertures to match the A7 bodies.

though a 85/1.8 or /2 and 135/4 with the same quality as the current 55mm could be more than enough for me

it is all about IQ (image quality), where of course both FL and aperture wide open plays a crucial part, at least for some - size is of secondary significance, or even doesn't matter at all (given the "size is all" logic, e.g. the 70-200/4G should be disqualified outright = already as a blueprint )


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