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Re: We should not be spamming all of DPR

KL Matt wrote:

The thing is, DPR is already very much aware that Pentax fans are annoyed about no K3 review. We've told them that a bazillion times. They don't need to be informed of this, again, in the Nikon review comments of all places. It's way off topic.

They most likely (and rightfully so IMO) felt this was spamming other forums/brands/reviews. They really should not tolerate that because it lessens the experience for the majority of users. If you want to let them know your opinion about how long they are taking, I would recommend doing so in the Feedback forum, which I have also done. There is already a thread there,with an intelligent and level-headed response from DPR no less.

If we start spamming the entire site, we'll make things worse before we make them better. DPR is in the end just a handful of people who work hard every day and do the best they can. We should not be trying to make their lives more difficult.

I'm sure the K3 review is on its way.


I would agree with you if I thought posting in the feedback forum had any effect. However, my experience shows that even a simple query, with occasional reminders, can take 3 months to get any kind of response on. It so happens that that request was also Pentax-related...

What makes things worse is that there isn't really much discussion in the feedback forum from users either - not anywhere near what you get in any other forum (I think there may be one or two other "sleeper" forums, but you get what I mean).

So the feedback forum seems to have been instituted as a kind of feedback graveyard. A mass grave, perhaps, for brandicide victims. But instead of quietly decomposing, the ignored feedback starts to ferment, and ends in a riot.

The Pentax forum is one of the most active. Quite how Joinson calculated that those users could be painlessly ignored is beyond my ken.

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