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Where are the fast F1.2 or F1.4 primes?

NOT REALLY NECESSARY WITH SUCH A FAST 24MP SENSOR. And largr 32 mp and 50 mp sensors already out there, from Sony. Going into Canikons, etc. F1.2/1.4 lenses would be TOO large. Lots of manual lenses available in those sizes.

There were a couple of articles posted lately about how lenses faster than f1.8 aren't going to have the full effect of the wider aperture on APS-C sized sensors. The manufacturers are apparently going so far as to fake the ISO to make it look like it's all working OK, but when the noise is tested, it's not as good as it should be. (DxOMark has one of the articles on the subject.)

Given that, one has to realize that there are diminishing returns on having wider apertures, particularly on M43.

Not necessary? I guess you are the type of users that Sony is trying to attract.
I am not a pro, but I can't even imagine the professionals out there who would ever say "fast F2.8 zooms are not necessary".

It's only necessary for professional sports photographers because they are trying to maximize the quality. That includes using a FF DSLR. Most of us don't need that level of quality, and got a mirrorless camera for compactness.

An APS-C with an f4 lens is comparable to M43 with an f2.8 lens, so it's not such a horrible limitation.

It does not matter if the camera is 16, 24, 50, or 100MP......having 24MP is not going to help you get better low light shots with slower lenses.

A Zeiss 16-70 F4 for $999 which has gotten mixed reviews? That's nice....when there is a marvelous Fuji 18-55 F2.8-F4 for $695.

And how much of the range stays at f2.8? It's not exactly a f2.8 zoom.

It's cheaper than that; besides, it works very well with the 24 mp NEX-7 so it should work well with the A6000.

It is not cheaper than $999. If you find any RETAIL stores in the U.S. selling the 16-70 F4 for less, please post it here.

Again, it is just an F4 lens, nothing faster. No pro-grade fast F2.8 zooms.

Who wants to pay for "pro grade" f2.8 zooms? Who wants to lug them around on their compact camera? If you want a big heavy lens, you might as well have a big, heavy camera to go with it. Sony sells A-mount cameras and lenses that can handle that.

Agreed Gary the Oly 12-40 f/2.8 is too large as well for my end use, fantastic lens but just a little too large, the 24-70 f/4 is the same on A7(r), not saying it's not a good thing to have the option, but both are a little large to be called "compact"...

I have a Tamron 17-50/2.8 lens. It's huge and heavy, particularly on a Nex. Not overly expensive, although moreso than a lot of other zooms I could have gotten. And then the corners and edges are soft at f2.8. This could be fine for portraits, but with all of the obsession about needing perfection even into the extreme corners, people would be disappointed; so, you'd need even a larger and more expensive lens to get that additional quality wide open. Who wants this for their compact camera?

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