a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Re: Hands on report of a6000 focus speed.

blue_skies wrote:

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bigley Ling wrote:

DT200 wrote:

Not marketing hype, but hands on.

"From what we were able to see, the camera focuses slightly faster than the previous NEX 6 but it isn’t anything with blazing speed. "


We need more hands-on reports.

How blazing does it need to be? It just needs to lock on and take the photo in a reasonably short time.  If it's faster and more accurate than the Nex-6, then I think that'll be welcomed.

As I thought, the blazing fast AF speed may only work when there is extremely high contast, ie black and white edge in bright light

Yep, common sense is not so common anymore...in bright light they are all fast, in a lower light basketball gym it's not going to be the "fastest"...

Why not? It is a relative term.

"The fastest" in absolute terms in that gym hall is a DSLR, is that your point?

And an FF DSLR... with an f2.8 zoom.  After thousands of dollars of expenditure, I suppose congratulations are in order?  Yay, you've got the fastest...  Fastest in terms of light-gathering power and in AF response.

Using a Nex or A6000 with the 55-210 is going to have poorer results.  This is where a fast tele prime would come in handy.  Would AF be fast enough if a wide aperture tele prime were available in e-mount?

But a venue like that needs lowest shutter lag - subject may be pre-focused already.

Didn't I read somewhere recently that the Nex cameras (Nex-6 in particular) are faster than most DSLRs when pre-focused?  Very little lag when you don't have a mirror to flip.

But why would you photograph by pre-focusing?  

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