Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

Thanks for posting this. Please do get back to this thread when you've had a chance to pp some RAWs.

Loaded in some A7 RAWs and was able to edit them with no real issues.

While it isn't the fastest computer around, neither is my my i7 Quad 2GHz MBP with 16GB RAM a lot of the time either. It was plenty fast enough for what I wanted, which was to import a few RAWs on the go and then edit a handful of the best ones that I wanted to plat witg right away.

I have also thought a bit about workflow, I think that using fast micro SDs and putting them in the tablet, then creating a catalogue on the SD and doing all the importing and edits within the SD. Then when I get home I can put the SD in my bigger setup and either copy the whole lot and work within the already created catalogue or use the import from other catalogue function.

This means that everything is self contained on that SD and having multiple SDs means I don't clog up the tablet with catalogues or even need to copy the files until I get home. Obviously I can do my exports to either, depending on what I need them for.

I think this will be a cool way of working overall and leaves my device pretty clean and clear - but I will have to test it further to check for any weird operational bugs.

On the stylus, the included one isn't that nice. It is rather small and typically uses the hard black plastic tips that skate around the screen, making precise inputs a bit trickier. Not a big deal, I usually use a Motion Computing pen with felt tips which works much much nicer. I picked up three of them.on eBay for $6 each and the tips I ordered for about $12. the standard pen should be able to take the tips as well. Samsung give much better tips in the box, so I might check those out as well for compatibility.

Overall it is an excellent device for editing on the go, so small yet so powerful. It may not be a speed demon at editing large RAWs but it works fine. It IS a speed demon at most everything else though.

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