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Re: DPR Hates Criticism...

Cigarguy wrote:

Their house their rules. No one forced anyone to be here.

You are quite simply, correct...........

The changes that have been occurring are becoming more noticeable and the criticism on every review likewise. Whether you like their rules and the way things are going will depend on what your motivation is for being here. For many, I suspect just like the banter and forum of being able to discuss and exchange ideas and the odd photograph.

Some divert into the reviews and concern much on the content.

At the end of the day, I suspect the K3 review is on the way very soon as we have had d5300 and A7r in very short succession. However, what is it going to tell us that we havent already heard and discussed to death in this forum and haven't seen from all the other reviewers that have already completed the task long ago.........the only thing i suspect could be the FLU card. If you have and like or want to buy the K3 or any other camera, just because you can or do, then be happy.

Having said that, I seem to have a thing about mis reporting or mis leading journalism or commenting........my failure.

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