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Re: DP2M - People shot phenonmenon

Johan Borg wrote:

Blackraven wrote:

Admittedly, the lighting that day was quite harsh and contrasty but the line/shadow looks un-natural evenso. I find it distinctively wierd and artificial. Did the jpeg engine create this phenomenon? I havent had the opportunity to try something similar using RAW to test it out.

Always set in-camera sharpening to the lowest value if you intend to shoot JPEG, the sharpening algorithm is not as refined as in Sigma Photo Pro and this looks very much like the kind of artifact you can expect in strong contrast transitions.

You're much better off sharpening the shot afterwards if you feel the need.

I finally found two examples taken right after each other, enlarged to 200%. One is a in-camera JPEG from DP2M with default sharpening, the other an in-camera JPEG from DP2M with lowest sharpening.

If I develop from RAW instead (these were RAW+JPEG shots), the result is sharper and more detailed than the first one, yet with the lack of artifacts from the last - but even in SPP you get these artifacts if you increase the sharpening.

DP2M default sharpening in-camera JPEG

DP2M low sharpening in-camera JPEG

Hope this helps!

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