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Great Bustard wrote:

awaldram wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

By the same token when I compare two digital formats the sensor in the cameras are not identical in enough of their parameters to get the same DR, the Same noise, the same detail so it's massively unlikely that when if we can image equivalence we get the same results in the output.

Which takes us back to my first point that spawned this thread when Ian took exception to

"I don't recognize that as equivalent at all"

Because it isn't and can never be if you assume

Equivalence = Equal

...I spell it out rather clearly:

Indeed, according to Webster's, the primary definition of "equivalent" is:
  • 1: equal in force, amount, or value

So, "equivalent images" have equal perspective, equal framing, equal DOF, equal shutter speeds, and equal display dimensions, although other characteristics, such as noise, detail, etc., may be equal under specific conditions. The second and third definitions of "equivalent" also fits:

  • 2a: like in signification or import
  • 3: corresponding or virtually identical especially in effect or function

Happy to sign up to 2a or 3

but not 1 and I don't think you subscribe to 1 either as you say "although other characteristics"

so your currently saying

Equivalent = Equal except when it doesn't !

Made me smile the point you make on technology was the same point I also made somewhere in this mammoth thread.

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