Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

I have a Nikon D7100+18-140 zoom lens. Also I have a Pentax K3+18-135 zoom lens and 18-270 zoom lens. (other lenses too but those are my work horses as a family/vacation photographer)

Advantage Nikon: Fast worry free AF when using the optical view finder. 18-140 is very sharp.

Disadvantage Nikon: AF in LiveView slow and awful- it takes over a second to focus. (LiveView is when you are looking at the monitor to frame and focus) Representation of scene in LiveView matches poorly to what final photo will look like. Colors are okay, not great. Camera is needlessly bulky. Does not fit properly into any of the over the shoulder camera bags of I have - slides in okay but is hard to pry out. (someday I will order one on-line - nothing at our local Best Buy or Target fits my D7100 properly)

Advantage Pentax: LiveView AF is fast and good. Representation of scene in LiveView is good. Good colors. Quiet shutter - does not disturb my picky wife. Compact. Easy to use - good control layout and simple menus. Easier to use in dark conditions because camera displays come on automatically when you need them. (Nikon apparently does not even think about things like that)

Disadvantage Pentax: 18-135 zoom merely okay, not as good as the Nikon 18-140. Pentax 18-270 is sharper at all focal lengths than the 18-135. I put advantage Nikon for AF using the OVF. But actually there is nothing wrong with the AF on the Pentax using OVF. Fast and accurate for moving targets. It is just the Nikon is better if you are interested in things that are moving really fast like your dog running straight at you (but then wouldn't you also like better burst modes than the D7100 has?)

90% sure the Pentax K3 is the one that goes on vacation with me and the family this summer. Good LiveView AF and overall better ergonomics. The 10% unsure factor is because that Nikon 18-140 truly is a marvelous lens. Pentax does not have anything similar. But the 18-140 is not weatherproof, and I have had lots of experience on vacation and with family, that weather resistant property of the Pentax 18-135 makes up for its not being as sharp as one might like. From our vacation last year in Scotland, I would have taken half the shots I did if I had to wait for dry weather. The 18-135 sharpens up considerably if you use it at f/8 instead of wide open.

There is a lot to take into consideration here. THANKS!!!! Yea....I think it boils down to what aspects are going to count more than others for me and how and what I want to shoot. And which of those would I be willing to nix, and which can I not live without. The drawbacks to the K-3 are not really drawbacks to me. The only real concern that I could possibly fret over (WAY down the road, if ever) would be the speed of the AF. But I could care less about photographing really fast objects (I have no interest in sports photography) So I think that just photographing (normal) fast objects should be just fine for me. Not to mention, yes! I would have to agree with you that I would value a better burst rate, as well as a more weather resistant set up. I don't want any missed opportunities. And yes, I also agree with you about the size and bulk of the d7100. I mentioned in a response to an earlier thread that I have had numerous opportunities to hold and play with it, and every time I was left dissatisfied and un-impressed. Unfortunately I am familiar with that Live View issue..the 5200 has it as well. Adjusting setting is exceptionally tedious. I hope you are able to find a bag that works for it. I'll definitely keep that 18-270 in mind though!! I am about to take a trip to Hong Kong...and that sounds like a tasty walk-about lens. Thank you for the suggestion!

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