Does the IQ outweigh the slow AF of G!-1x

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Yes it does Russ

Yes it does Russ .. the IQ especially in RAW is superb , I`ve had mine Two years , got it when it first came out and have put nearly 18,000 shots on it for both work (Costiume shoots for theatre and sillent auditorium shooting) and play (carryabout with DSLR quality) and there`s still not a cam I`d change it for including the new handling challenged MkII .. it`s looking shiny and starting to get brassed too , no scratches or dents or lettering missing , no dust in the lens or on the sensor, no funny noises etc, the screen hasn`t come loose and I use the swivel a lot , it works as well as the say I bought it ..

I`ve got the EOS-M which due to the 22mm Prime is sharper than the G1X and amazingly is a bit noisier at high ISOs (no doubt a heat thing as the M is almost as small as an S90) , the sensor is basically the same - the G1X`s senseor is basically a 1.5" / 14Mp chunk of 550D sensor so the pixel pitch is the same . I like the M as with the adapter on it gives me a pocket backup to the 1DS-III at weddings and shoots superb video for facebook 2 min clips for brides, with the 22mm on it makes a better GR / Coolpix-A type cam ...  but the G1X has it beat allways apart from absolute rez at low ISOs and lens changeability

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