Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Re: Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

edwardaneal wrote:

my too, but at this point I already know I can't lose - my nex-7 works perfectly and the A600o offered no real advances using the AF lenses I actually use

There are a lot of features of the A6000 and even the NEX6 had that the NEX 7 doesn't. Other than the 24MP sensor, the NEX 7 is really 2 generations behind.

I was waiting for this camera to drive down the price of the NEX 7 to pick one of those up. But the A6000 has the 24MP, more features and all at a lower price than the NEX 7. I don't see a reason for anyone now to buy a NEX 7 over the A6000. Even if they were at the same price, I would still pick the A6000.  Even if the NEX 7 was $100 cheaper, I'd still buy the A6000.

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